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Skipping rope for men steel wire adjustable skip metal gym straps women weight loss long 6ft sports jump box kids 7 year 10 years girls only rubber length speed run jumping curveit led light cable boys heavy strength training equipment exercise

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  • CABLE QUALITY: The rope is made of steel cable making it very strong. Steel wire also helps in doing more RPM (Rounds Per Minute) compared to the regular ropes.
  • LIGHT WEIGHTED HANDLES: Light weighted handles cause less arm fatigue, which helps you in doing more jumps. It also helps you in not missing the jumps.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: The rope turns fast and smooth, which is required in Crossfit and speed sports. The grip is comfortable even when your palms sweat.
  • EXTRA LONG EASILY ADJUSTABLE CABLE ROPE: The rope is 10 feet long and adjustable as per the height of the person. The ends can be cut to make it shorter. The black caps should be put back after cutting it short.
  • TRACK RECORD: This jump rope is being used at the highest levels of competitions.

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5 reviews for Skipping Rope

  1. Mohd Naved Alam

    The quality of the rope is good, it is made out of metal with rubber coating over it and the handles are made out of plastic and it is lightweight.The length of the rope is about 10 feets.
    This skipping rope is suitable for the people who used to do fast skipping. I can do pretty fast skipping with it.
    Note:- Not good for beginners.
    I got it in a plastic wrap which i don’t like at all but still its a good product.

  2. Saurav Thakur

    I have been using it for almost 10 months now. I do 3000 skips a day (under 30 mins) for 4 to 5 days a week. I am amazed at its durability. Other ropes can’t even handle that for even a month and i think that’s because of the intensity of the exercise. Metallic parts of the other ropes i used get heated up after every set of skips i do, thus they wear down sooner. Non metallic ones break near the grip handle(due to friction). This rope still works fine.

    Edit :- Note: How long the rope will last depends on the surface you jump on in this case. This rope didn’t budge when I used it for 4 months on tiled surface/marble surface since they are smooth, but after few weeks of use on concrete surface the plastic covering on this rope got scraped away exposing the metallic wires underneath. Now I use wide cellotape/browntape to cover that part and that prevents it from getting damaged further. A thick layer of cellotape on it will last a month before you’ll have to tape it again. Whereas other ropes usually break at the handle due to the stress from high number of skips that I do, this is durable and it is 10 months now. It is the best for speed rope skipping.

  3. Ishaan


  4. Legendrock

    one of the best fitness equipment i bought till date….speed skipping is one of the best way to lose fat…. a must buy for all who are looking for a skipping rope… the price is a little high but it’s quality is surely high than the rest of the skipping ropes available below this price range… so do spend a little bit more and u’ll be a satishfied buyer in the long run.
    p. s. – this rope is light so one might have issue in the beginning when skipping… u’ll only get better with practice

  5. Sundar

    The product is good in all the cases. Weight less. Easy to use. Easy to adjust the length based on my height. And so many members have a doubt about it. How it rotates, is there any bearing in between the handle. But is between them. There is only a gap between the white one and the handle(blue).

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